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Jeepers9's Selling Journal
Sailor Moon Usagi's Carillion Star Locket Necklace made by GE Entertainment


Condition: Brand New, never used.

Price: $20

Sailor Moon Keychain lot
90s GE Sailor Venus
Sailor Venus (Japanese)
Sailor Jupiter (Japanese)


All are in great, unused condition.

Prices: $5 each.

Sailor Moon 6 inch irwin doll


Condition: brand new, never opened, great box condition

Price $17 or best offer

Sailor Mercury 6 inch irwin doll


Condition: brand new, never opened, great box condition.

Price: $15 shipped or best offer
20th-Sep-2012 11:34 am - New Wishlist- September 2012

** + = willing to pay more depending on condition and such!**
Sailor Moon World Gashapon:

Sailor Uranus (World 2): Willing to pay $15-$20

Super Sailor Moon (World 4):Willing to pay $15-20

Sailor Mars Japanese Dolls:

Willing to pay:

Sailor Team- $50+
Talking Dolls- $70+
Beauty Change- $50+


Sailor Starlights Excellent Models/Figures:
Willing to pay: $60+ each, maybe a bit more depending on condition.


Super Sailor Moon Excellent Figure:
Willing to pay: $100 or slightly over, only because Mandarake has listed it for that price many times.

Sailor Moon Megahouse Cutie Model:
Willing to pay $100

Sailor Jupiter Megahouse Cutie Model
Willing to pay $100 (No more)

7th-Jul-2012 09:41 pm - COMPLETE Sailor Moon bootleg guide

Sailor Moon North American DVD BOOTLEG Guide!

*Note:* This will be a guide for how to decipher whether you own an official Sailor Moon DVD set or a typical bootleg. This will only cover REGION 1 DVDs released in North America.

Let’s face it everyone, its 2012 and now more than ever, technology is so advanced, that making something like a Sailor Moon bootlegged DVD set is one of the simplest things to do. To start out, most Sailor Moon bootlegged sets are made in Hong Kong. After reading this guide, I hope you will be a lot more familiar with what a bootleg is and what isn’t and more importantly, you will be able to decipher whether you own a bootleg DVD or not. Before we start just a few things to note

1.    The complete Sailor Moon series was NEVER released in one complete boxset in North America, so anytime you see “complete with all 200 episodes,” or anything along those lines, it is FOR SURE a bootleg.

2.    Anything that says Region Free, Region 0, All Region, or anything along those lines, is a dead giveaway that it is a bootleg. Sailor Moon DVDs released in North America are ALL region 1!

In some cases, cover art and disc art will also be great indicators as to if a certain DVD is a bootleg or not. One thing to inspect is the cover, because most sellers will never list pictures of disc art. Going back to the cover art, bootlegs usually have typos on the cover or have indicators that show something is wrong. For example when you see Chinese text on a Japanese anime DVD set. Finally one last HUGH indicator is that bootlegs usually have 3-4 discs max per season. This is because discs are expensive and the less discs, the more money these bootleg companies make! Real official Sailor Moon DVD sets usually have 6-7 discs per season, depending on how many episodes there are in the season. Most of the time they will put no more than 6 or 7 episode per disc!

More recently I have been seeing sets that contain 6-7 discs per set for example the ones sold on SailorMoonDVDs.com. This does NOT mean they are official! They are still bootlegs, but what these people are doing is ripping the discs and basically coping all the data to another disc! THESE ARE STILL UNOFFICAL copies! 

Now that that’s clear, let’s get started… (I will probably repeat some of those important indicators for bootlegs and provide examples for proof below)

Follow the cut for more information and imagesCollapse )

Sailor Moon - Moon Miracle Music Box (BANDAI ASIA 1992 Version) 

Condition: Item itself works in perfect condition. There are a few flaws were are shown in the second image. Some of the pink on the crescent moon as well as the right star is chipped off. (Please refer to image)  The box however is not in the greatest condition. Has a bunch of rips and tears all around it. (Refer to picture) I really love this item but I have hefty credit card bill to pay for so I will let it go. 


Price: $60 shipped in United States. International buyers please ask for a quote. 

Sailor Moon- Sailor Mercury PGSM Doll NEW NRFB MINT 

Condition: Orginally I purchased this because I thought I would complete the PGSM doll set, but at this point I no longer care to. She is in perfect condition. BRAND NEW. Never removed from box. (Refer to 2nd picture)


Price: $20 shipped. (I'm only asking what I paid for) 

Sailor Moon- Moon Cycle 

Condition: This item is used. Box has been opened and the item looks to be sunbleached on the front. I got this for nearly nothing so I don't expect much for it. 


Price: $3 + shipping. (Yes, I'm giving it up for only $3) 

Sailor Moon Japanese Key Chains - 

These are in pretty good condition. They have a few scratches and scuffs here and there, but overall in good condition. I purchased these a while ago but my collection is going to another direction so I'll let these go. These are official Japanese key chains; look at the second image for proof. 


Sailor Venus- $5
Sailor Jupiter- $5 
Sailor Chibimoon- $6
Sailor Neptune- $8 
Or $22 + shipping for all 4. 

Take Venus and Jupiter for $10

Various Gashapon and Sailor Venus key chain 

Condition: All Gashapon are in near perfect condition. 
Sailor Mercury- Great condition, complete, official, however it is glued together. 
Sailor Jupiter- Great condition, complete, official, however it is glued together. 
Venus keychain- brand new, never removed from packaging. 

Sailor Pluto- Okay condition, missing stand, her Garnet Rod is kinda broken but I tried to repair it with glue, official gashapon and it is NOT glued together. 
Rei swimsuit gashapon- Great condition, complete, official, NOT glued together
Usagi swimsuit gashapon- Great condition, complete, official, NOT glued together 
Ami swimsuit gashapon- Great condition, missing towel and book, official, NOT glued together 
Lita gashapon- Great condition, complete, official, NOT glued together 
Sailor Moon chibi figure- Great condition, few scuffs


Price: These below DO NOT include shipping 
Sailor Mercury- $6
Sailor Jupiter- $7
Venus keychain- $5 


Sailor Pluto- $25 
Rei swimsuit gashapon- $7
Usagi swimsuit gashapon- $8
Ami swimsuit gashapon-  $5
Ami sleepwear gashapon- $6
Lita gashapon- $8 
Sailor Moon chibi figure- $2

Freebies: (Come free with a purchase; first come first serve, or you can pay shipping for the item) 
Sailor Moon pachi pachi figure. (Missing almost everything; what you see is what you get)

Sailor Mercury Ring 

Sailor Moon Comic Book Volume 1- San Diego Comic Con 1998 Exclusive 

Condition: New, perfect condition. I purchased this because I freaked out when I could not find my copy. It turned out my copy was placed with some other comics. Long story short this has now become an extra. 


Price: $30 shipped or best offer 

Sailor Moon- North American Luna P 

Condition: Used. Several things wrong with her. The mirror inside of her in damaged (refer to image), her latch where you are suppose to turn her on is also broken (refer to image). She does work though, if you need to use something very small to push the broken latch to the side to turn her on. 


Price: $25 Or Best Offer 

11th-Jun-2009 11:09 am - Feedback Page!
Hi Everyone Please Leave Feedback here. :)

I have sold and bought from many others but I didn't have a feedback page set up at the time. :(
If so, post something if I did buy something from you before. :)

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